The Road to Success Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017

In April 2017, the Division of Administration & Finance asked our campus community (students, faculty and staff) to provide input on 20 departments to evaluate customer satisfaction. With an overwhelming 18% response rate, Titans answered! The results can be found here.



Grand Prize Winners: iPad Air 2

Student: Michael Jones

Faculty/Staff: Charlotte Sanchez

Week 3 Winners: $50 Titan Gift Card

Student: Austin Delgado & Miles Mantell

Faculty/Staff: Holly Hillman & Anonymous

Week 2 Winners: $50 Titan Gift Card

Student: Mandy Yen & Donovan Behen

Faculty/Staff: Heather Konkle & Mary Weuve

Week 1 Winners: $50 Titan Gift Card

Student: Emily Waters & Joyce Lee

Faculty/Staff: Calvin Chen & David Gerkens