Goal 3: Develop and implement effective business processes to strengthen administrative efficiencies and delivery of services.

The Division promotes a culture of continuous process improvement, enabling the campus community to conduct business efficiently. The development of new and streamlined systems and business processes in Administration and Finance provides faculty and staff more time to focus on the University's educational mission which directly impacts student success. (aligned with University Strategic Plan Goals #2 and #4)

Icon Legend: Scheduled Strategic Plan Scheduled, Completed Strategic Plan Completed, Completed & Ongoing Strategic Plan completed and ongoing

Strategies 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
1 Implement a Position Budget Planning application which provides the capability to establish, maintain and monitor funded positions, as well as forecast the impact of employee compensation and benefits on the overall salaries and wages budgets.   Strategic Plan Scheduled Completed & Ongoing
2 Implement a new electronic travel system which tracks and expedites reimbursements and provides transparency to users.   Strategic Plan Scheduled Completed & Ongoing
3 Develop and implement facilities management system to manage workflow and improve customer service by providing users with relevant facilities data to help with their facilities-related decisions.   Strategic Plan Scheduled Completed & Ongoing