Goal 1: Provide excellent customer service

The division incorporates innovative solutions and customer-oriented business practices to provide excellent service to students, employees and the campus community-at-large. By delivering a high level of service to our campus community, we enable our constituents to focus on the educational mission of the University. (aligned with University Strategic Plan Goal #2)

Icon Legend: Scheduled Strategic Plan Scheduled, Completed Strategic Plan Completed, Completed & Ongoing Strategic Plan completed and ongoing

Strategies 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
1 Benchmark current levels of customer service in each department. Each department develops specific strategies to achieve or maintain a high level of service.   Strategic Plan Scheduled Completed & Ongoing
2 Develop a division-wide training program to train and educate division managers and staff on how to provide the best service to University stakeholders.   Strategic Plan Scheduled Completed & Ongoing
3 Establish a customer service function within the division to assess and provide feedback to the departments.   Strategic Plan Scheduled Completed & Ongoing
4 Develop and implement tactics and collateral marketing material to promote a culture of customer service within the division.   Strategic Plan Scheduled Completed & Ongoing