The Road to Success Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Division of Administration & Finance is committed to continuous improvement. To help us improve, the Customer Satisfaction Survey, developed by UCSD's Organizational Performance Assessments unit, provides valuable insights into the needs of students, faculty, and staff. The survey is distributed to the entire campus community during the Spring semester. All survey results are posted on this page as well as updates on how we are using the data.

To take the 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey, visit

Updates: Turning Data into Action

November 2017: Departmental Survey Teams Kick-Off and Action Planning

All the departments surveyed have developed specialized teams to focus on the Primary Opportunities identified in the survey reports. Each team consists of staff, management, and sometimes even customers. These survey teams studied the data as well as thousands of customer comments and are now coming up with solutions. More updates to come as our staff continues to use the survey data!

July 2017: Leadership Team Workshop

On July 13, 2017, the Division's leadership gathered to study the survey results and develop action plans. Managers continue to work through the data and the many comments left by the more than 8600 individuals who participated in the survey. Already, there are plans in the works to address the primary opportunities to improve.