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 California State University, Fullerton



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Analysis & Decision Support Services

The mission of the Analysis & Decision Support Services is to provide financial planning and analytical services in support of the new business opportunities and strategies.

Financial Analysis, Reporting & Decision Support

Provides comprehensive fiscal reporting and decision support services by consolidating relevant operational and non-operational data from a variety of internal and external sources; analyze business processes and provide insightful conclusions that will help University leaders better understand the University’s fiscal position and long term financial and operational impacts of strategic decisions.

Deliver managerial decision-support support information in support of strategic business decisions impacting the University related to programmatic and special project cost analyses, General Fund and non General Fund facilities planning, debt analysis and bond financing, and enrollment-related revenue and expenditure forecasting.

Monitor trends and maintain appropriate metrics and indicators to measure performance and operational impacts. Provide methods of monitoring and reporting on trends that impact the University’s fiscal state including:

  • Activity Based/Program Costing
  • Direct and Indirect Cost Allocation
  • Space & Facilities & Utilization
  • Cost of Space
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Program Analysis
  • Peer Group Cohort Analysis
  • Projected Source and Use/Financial Planning
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Student Enrollment Projection
  • Tuition & Fees and Financial Aid Analysis
  • Facilities Planning Data & Debt Analysis
  • Constant Dollar Analysis (cost indexes to determine the effect of inflation on revenues and expenses)
  • Breakeven Analysis (Fixed Costs/Variable Costs)
  • Performance Indicators – Measuring Achievement